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Welcome to the new generation of LSIs.
With Calamari, you get what you need from an LSI, along with many incredible things you'd never expect from one. Here are a few reasons why your next LSI just might be Calamari.
  • Performance and Stability
  • Extensive Custom API
  • Future-Proof Design
  • User Support for every location


Hardware Requirements
Do NOT purchase Calamari if you have Virgin Media (they block our host), if you do not have the latest drivers/software updates on your computer, if you have any operating system besides Windows 10 x64, if you are using 32-bit architecture, if you have Windows 8.1 or below, or if your IP address changes dynamically within a matter of 5 minutes.

Terms of Service
* No Refund Policy We do not provide refunds. All sales are final.

* Liability Disclaimer We are not responsible for any direct, indirect, consequential, exemplary, incidental, special, or punitive damages, including (but not limited to) lost profit, lost revenue, lost data, or other damages that arise from your use of Calamari.

* Privacy Policy We respect your data, we do not sell nor distribute the data we collect about you to any third-party individual or organization. We collect your IP (Internet Protocol) address and e-mail address as a way to identify you and keep in contact with you. If you would like your data to be deleted from our database, scroll to the bottom of the Miscellaneous section.

Calamari's websites may collect "cookies" to help us better understand user behavior, give us data on how many people visit our site and their location, and facilitate and measure the effectiveness of web searches. We treat this information as non-personal information unlike your email address and IP (Internet Protocol) address which is considered personal information.

* Miscellaneous "We" and "us" refer to the staff team of Calamari. "Calamari" refers to the product we sell."You" refers to any person who has consented to these terms or has become contractually bound to them, whether such person is identified or not at the time. These terms are governed by California law, excluding its conflicts of law principles, and if there is a lawsuit between you and us, jurisdiction and venue will lie exclusively in the State where the defendant is located, if within the United States, or in Santa Clara County, California otherwise. If any part of these terms is invalid, the remaining provisions will be unaffected. These Terms of Service constitute the entire agreement among the parties relating to this subject matter, and they will continue to govern any issues that arise out of your use of Calamari even after you discontinue using them. We may revise these terms from time to time without notice. Any changes apply as of the time they are posted. Calamari is not meant for use by children under age 13; if your child is younger than 13 please allow them to use it only under your supervision.

If you would like to opt-out of our Terms of Service, you may send an email to "" with the header "OPT-OUT". After we receive the email (which may take up to 1-12 weeks), we will delete all of your data we have collected and stored. Warning: Opting-out will result in a revocation of your Calamari ownership license.