Calamari Support

(for inquiries not listed here, email [email protected])

Why can't I sign into Calamari?
You may be unable to sign in because:
- You do not have the latest version. Please download it here
- You forgot your password. Go to to reset it
- You shared your account and the password and/or email was changed

I get this error when running Calamari-M on macOs:

This is a common error message for those using macOs Catalina (10.15).
To fix it, open Terminal and run the following command:
sudo spctl --master-disable

Why can't I run a specific script?
Our LSI is specifically crafted to be resistant to differences and changes between Lua applications. If you spot a script that is currently incompatible with Calamari, please email a copy of it to [email protected]

Does Calamari support Luraph/Synapse Xen obfuscators?
Yes, there is official support for script obfuscators such as Synapse Xen and Luraph.

Calamari can't login/won't inject
You may have a 32 bit operating system or an OS below Windows 10. If not, please download the redist packages.

Does Calamari have getrawmetatable (remote spy)?
Yes. Calamari does include getrawmetatable. For a full list of custom environment APIs, please visit

Can't access the Calamari website / Failed to authenticate
Unfortunately, if you are failing to authenticate to the Calamari servers, your ISP (internet service provider) or internet configuration could be blocking our host. We cannot help you with this, however, you may be able to fix it by making sure that your date and time settings are correct, and by testing to see if it works on a VPN. Other than that, try restoring your computer to its factory settings.

Can you change your username?
No. Unfortunately, you are not able to change your username because it is used to identify your account.

Can you share your Calamari account?
Yes, but we advise against it. If your account is stolen, we are unable to recover it.

I'm from Bleu. How do I transfer my key to Calamari?
You can use the same key you had for Bleu and redeem it into

When I redeem my serial it's invalid
You may be unable to redeem it because:
- The serial you redeemed is invalid
- Your serial is from Bleu, and it's blacklisted
- The serial has already been redeemed
We are unable to grant new serials.

I forgot my username
To find your username, just look for the email sent to you when you first created your account. It will have the username listed.

Does my Calamari license last forever?
Yes. Your Calamari license is permanent.

I reset my password and it won't let me click the link!
You may have spam protection on. If that's the case, turn it off and click it. If not, try resetting it again.

I didn't receive my key in the email after buying
Email [email protected] with your email address that you used to purchase Calamari.

When I save a game, the meshes are all jacked up
Unfortunately, the saveinstance script is not 100% accurate when saving.

I have my serial. What do I do next?
Register it with your email, a new username, and a new password at

Does Calamari support Windows 7?
Unfortunately, we do not have, and do not plan to have support for Windows 7.

How do I get to C:/Windows/SysWOW64
Press your WINDOWS KEY + R KEY at the same time, type the path, and press enter.

Calamari keeps deleting itself.
Redownload at

My app has been translocated!
Make sure to follow all the steps listen on the download page. Make sure to unzip each file OUTSIDE of your CalamariApps folder. Make sure CalamariApps is in Documents. Not Desktop, not Photos, not Videos, not your iTunes Library, DOCUMENTS.

Calamari gave me a BSOD!
Actually, it didn't. If you are using Avast, AVG, PandaAV, or similar anti virus softwares, you may experience BSODs when performing certain tasks. To fix this, simply uninstall your anti virus software.

Why doesn't game.HttpGet work?
Sometimes, game.HttpGet may be broken due to a faulty update. Please wait for the next one for it to be fixed.

Do I receive Calamari instantly when I buy?
You will receive Calamari accordingly in the following scenarios:
- Stripe/Credit Card should be instant.
- BTC takes up to 24 hours to confirm. May not be instant.
- Gift cards will require a staff member to appoint a key. May take 30 minutes-two days.

I redeemed my gift card onto my account. Can I use my balance to buy Calamari?
Unfortunately, we cannot take your balance out of your account.

The balance of my gift card is more than the price of Calamari. Can you take just some of the balance away?
Unfortunately, we cannot take a specific amount of the balance out of a gift card. We also cannot provide change.

It keeps saying "awaiting payment" on Stripe/Credit Card
Send [email protected] your email address and the issue you're facing.

Is Calamari level 7?
Calamari uses level 6. However, level 7 and level 6 are essentially the same, just different numbers.

I run a script and nobody else can see it. WHY?
Calamari and similar software are unable to penetrate servers. You only have control of your client.

I sent an email to buy Calamari. No response
The staff members may take up to two days to reply or more.

Do you accept Amazon outside of the usa?
No. Only Amazon USA gift cards. If you are from outside of the USA, please use Stripe/Credit Card.

What happened to Amy Moore?
The story went down like this: Miss Moore blew her top, right? And like that wasn't history enough, she then decided to steal a car, shoot a cop, speed away two thousand miles. That girl didn't even stop until she hit New Orleans! That's all right though, it's just one thing. Her wedding ring. Or anything. She left behind. Forgot to pack! HOW the hell is she gonna get it back!?

My application crashes on inject/crash
You may need to update your Calamari, or restart it. Or restart your PC.

Does Calamari support loadstrings?
Yes, it does.

Is Calamari serversided?
No. It is not. Nor will it ever be.

How do I make/use a custom theme?
If you are using macOs, you can write to /Users/Shared/Calamari/input.txt with your script to execute in Calamari-M.

Calamari says my password is incorrect, but I'm 100% sure it's correct. HELP?
By mistake, some endpoints may ignore special characters. If you encounter one of these errors, temporarily change your password to remove the special characters, and send us an email at [email protected] with details about where you found it.

Why was Bleu discontinued?
Bleu is a retired product by Inspect that was succeeded by Calamari.

What does the grammatical test have to do with Calamari?
As stated in the TOS, upon request, we have the right to enroll you in courses for Calamari training at any point at any time without reason. Unfortunately, we cannot disclose what the grammatical test is being used for.

Can you use Calamari on another computer?
Yes. Upon sign-in, Calamari will attach to your network and automatically release itself after five minutes of activity. If you are using Calamari on the same network, you may have as many computers as you want using the Calamari software at once. If another computer from another network attempts to login using the credentials, it will display a notice that the account is already in use.

How do I use auto execute?
There are actually two auto execute folders listed under C:/Calamari/auto_execute. The first one, auto_attach, will run all of the scripts in the folder the moment Calamari detects that a process is found. The second folder, on_run_button, will run all the scripts inside the folder the first time you press the "run" button to inject a script on that process.

How do I use Multi Applications/Windows?
To use this, make sure Calamari is not attached to any process, and those processes are closed. Then, check to Tools->Multi Applications->Enable Multi Applications. Afterwards, you can open as many Windows as you want. Whenever you want to inject scripts into one of these application, you can choose a PID from the Tools->Multi Applications menu, and a new Calamari window will pop up attached onto that process.

Does Calamari auto update?
Yes. Calamari for Windows has a partial auto update that runs without custom functions.

I got scammed. HELP!
Unfortunately, if you bought from third party sellers, we cannot guarantee that you will receive your product, and we are unable to assist you.

Can I buy with other payment methods not listed?

Who do we pet?
We pet that lovely Deima.

Where are you based?
We are currently based in the United States of America.

What platforms does this run on?
Calamari-M runs on macOs, Windows, and iOS!

Calamari Seal of Oath

Hardware Requirements
Do NOT purchase Calamari if you have Virgin Media, if you do not have the latest drivers/software updates on your computer, if you have any operating system besides Windows 10 x64 or macOs 10.11 and higher, if you are using 32-bit architecture, if you have Windows 8.1 or below, or if your IP address changes dynamically within a matter of 5 minutes.

The macOs Catalina operating system could potentially prevent Calamari-M from running. As always, you MUST HAVE ADMIN PERMISSION to use Calamari-M. We highly encourage using an OS from macOs El Capitan through macOs Catalina. You will NOT receive a refund if Calamari-M does not work on macOs Catalina.

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